Wednesday, 2 October 2013

KomicKrazi_IMG_3335 6 Bucks! Photoshoot for 6 of my 7 bucks at Rainfurrest 2013. Bucks made by me, photos taken by the totally awesome Jeff Bowman KomicKrazi_IMG_3354 KomicKrazi_IMG_3363 KomicKrazi_IMG_3371 KomicKrazi_IMG_3387 KomicKrazi_IMG_3396 KomicKrazi_IMG_3401 KomicKrazi_IMG_3409

Monday, 29 July 2013

I spoke with a fellow late last year for a short Artist bio for the Calgary Journal. After I did the interview, I admit I sort of forgot about it. I stumbled on it by chance a few weeks ago..... seems sort of surreal listening to myself talk. I talk about a graphic novel I worked on several years ago and my transition into costume making

Article HERE

You tube here:

IF you are interested in the comic itself, you can buy it on Amazon: Battle of Alberta

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SDCC 2013 Masquerade - Charr

San Diego Comic Con is over for another year. I entered this year's Masquerade with my Charr costume. I won Honorable mention for Best Recreation. And a Video of my performance:

Friday, 31 May 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Charr

Welcome to Part 2 of my Charr construction! After putting the suit together and taking some photos, I found the head a little too big... so I took it apart and re-worked it. The fur and padding were all pulled off T_T Look at the garbage... Full of all my hard work! charredo1 I added new eyebrows and cheekbones but added no more additional padding. charrredo2 Drafted a pattern with duct tape, sewed and glued and reairbrushed. charrredo3 Much better! charrheadr I also added some whiskers! charrwhiskers I found the leather to be a little too shiny and new looking, so I attacked my work with various things to rough it up and make it look more worn. First I sanded down some of the shinier bits with sandpaper, then brushed specific areas with shoe polish, ink and acrylic paint....let it sit, then rubbed it away. I continued this process a few times until the leather looked sufficiently worn down. charweather I made a few more accessories for my charr. some fabric skirting for his waist, plus two belts. It was time to try him on again. charrturn2 Woo! I think he's done! Now, I just need to give him a name O_o charr1 charr2 charr3 charr4
I have finished my charr :3
Read on to see how he was made.....
I started with his feet. I wanted the leg to look as uniform as possible, so I traced my foot and drew a footpaw that would be as small as possible while still maintaining it's proportions. charrfeet1 Once I drew the foot paw design I carved out a paw from 4" upholstery foam. I used the template to sculpt paw pads and cast them in hydrocal to make a mold for rubber latex pads. charrfeet2 The legs were made form spandex pants and the feet and leg padding were sewn directly into the spandex. The padding was then covered with fur and airbrushed. charrleg The leather was pattern was made with duct tape. Duct tape was taped around the leg, then cut away to use as a pattern. The leather was cut and holes were punched for the thread holes. The leg pieces were then sewed directly to the leg with wax thread using a blanket stitch. The headbase was vacuum formed from ABS plastic. Eyes are 1-1/4" Cabochons from Tapp Plastics with the backs painted. Teeth were sculpted and cast in resin. The nose was sculpted and cast in rubber latex. I built the head onto a baseball cap to make it a secure fit on my head. charrhead1 PAdding was added to the eyebrows, cheekbones and head to smooth lines and bulk it out. charrhead2 Screw holes were added where the horns would be attached. The screw holes are Tee nuts, and the screw posts were installed into the horns. The horns are all cast resin. The upper horns were cast from Cow horns and cast hollow, then filled with rigid foam to make them light but sturdy. The lower horns are cast springbok horns. since these are smaller they are not hollow, they are solid resin. charrhorns Once I had the head fully sculpted I covered it with duct tape to draft a pattern, then hand sewed the fur pieces and glued them to the head. Then once fully furred, I shaved the head down and clipped the fur away from the horn holes so the fur wouldn't get in the way while screwing the horns in place. charrhornholes The charr then got a nice airbrush job, which you can see adds so much more depth and detail :3 charrairbrush To match the armour I chose for my charr, I added a piece of woven fabric around the neck area. charrhead For the top half of the suit I made a form fitting spandex shirt and sewed muscle pillows to bulk out the back, chest and arms. charrmuscle I pulled on the suit to check proportions and see how it looked. Pretty good sofar! charrturn The arms were covered in fur and the torso was taped to design a pattern for the leatherwork. The leather was sewn together with an industrial sewing machine and hand stitching with waxed thread. Rivets were hammered into the sides to adjust the fit around the waist. charleather The tail was made from a pool noodle with a twisted bundle of wire in the core so the tail could be manipulated into shape as desired. The tail covered with fur, , sewn directly to the pants, then airbrushed. chartail Now that my char was fulled furred and the majority of the leatherwork was done, I pulled him on again to see how he was shaping up charturn2 Wah! The head looks too big! >_< Oh no! Well.... that means some more work yet! Part 2... coming soon.....

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Buck #1 of 7 - Cash

Buck #2 of 7 - Dough

Buck #3 of 7 - Loot

Buck #4 of 7 - Dinero

Buck #5 of 7 - Lucre

Buck #6 of 7 - Moolah

Buck #7 of 7 - Scratch